Live Like a Local

Most Vancouver Island locals love the tourists spots just as much as tourists do; Parksville Beach, the Coombs Market, Cathedral Grove, the list goes on. Ask a local for sightseeing advice, and [...]

A Twist on Takeout

One of the best things about going on vacation is the food; eating out, trying new restaurants, braving new dishes, and sharing meals with your loved ones.  It’s not always easy to find the time [...]

Beach Combing 101

Parksville’s vast and sandy beaches aren’t exactly a well-kept secret. Come summer, the shoreline is positively brimming with happy, sun-soaked travelers lying in the sand, splashing in the salty [...]

Peddling Around Parksville

Due to our temperate weather, island locals are lucky enough to be able to play outside all year long; and we do. Surrounded by gorgeous scenery and a phenomenal natural playground, it’s [...]

Celebrate Summer “Island Style”

Here on the west coast summer seems to stretch on forever, and we love making the most of it! Vancouver Island hosts a plethora of summer festivals, from music to beach fests and more. So pack [...]

Seaside Summer Markets

If there’s one thing Vancouver Islanders love doing, it’s supporting our locals. We shop local, we eat local, we favor local entrepreneurs and businesses, and every summer we organize a plethora [...]

Rathtrevor Provincial Park Fun

If there’s one thing that Parksville is famous for, it’s the beaches. Sprawling white sand lines the west side of the Oceanside area, making Parksville an extremely popular summer destination [...]

Writing Your Love Story

Every relationship is a story; it starts with a smile, a date, a kiss. From there you mark the milestones – the first I love you, the first weekend away, the first Christmas. All of these little [...]

Seaside Food for Thought

If there’s one question that comes up more than any other while on vacation, its where should we eat? If you’re not a local, it’s difficult to know whether that cute little café down that [...]

Shopping by the Sea Shore

The Oceanside area is primarily a summertime tourist wonderland; come May, our sleepy seaside town wakes up and throws open its doors for visitors who flock from far and wide. Central Vancouver [...]