The Perfect Way to Say “I Do”

There’s a reason it’s called popping the question. It’s one of the biggest questions anyone will ever ask – or answer – in their lifetime. Another big question follows the first; how do you want [...]

MooBerry Winery – The Wine Lineup

What is cheese without wine? Little Qualicum Cheeseworks was featured in our last blog here, but the Cheeseworks isn’t all that guests to Morningstar Farms will find. MooBerry Winery has been [...]

Little Qualicum Cheeseworks – From Cow to Table

Happy cows make happy cheese, and based on the taste of Little Qualicum Cheeseworks’ selection of cheese, their cows are exceptionally happy. Visitors to Morningstar Farms can meet the cows [...]

Furred & Feathered 101

Our little island has a lot to offer both locals and tourists alike, but it’s not just people that benefit from everything Vancouver Island has to offer! The North Island Wildlife Recovery Centre [...]

Putting the “Park” in Parksville

Parksville is known for a lot of different things, its beauty, its sandy beaches, its climate, but it’s also quite famous for several of its parks – provincial and otherwise. Every year, people [...]

Navigate to Paradise

Small towns are big on landmarks. Ask a small town local for directions and the answer will always resemble “turn left on the first street past the thirty foot gnome” or “turn right at the [...]

Live Like a Local

Most Vancouver Island locals love the tourists spots just as much as tourists do; Parksville Beach, the Coombs Market, Cathedral Grove, the list goes on. Ask a local for sightseeing advice, and [...]

A Twist on Takeout

One of the best things about going on vacation is the food; eating out, trying new restaurants, braving new dishes, and sharing meals with your loved ones.  It’s not always easy to find the time [...]

Beach Combing 101

Parksville’s vast and sandy beaches aren’t exactly a well-kept secret. Come summer, the shoreline is positively brimming with happy, sun-soaked travelers lying in the sand, splashing in the salty [...]

Peddling Around Parksville

Due to our temperate weather, island locals are lucky enough to be able to play outside all year long; and we do. Surrounded by gorgeous scenery and a phenomenal natural playground, it’s [...]