Pet Friendly Accommodations

Bring the family and your “best friend” to Parksville!


At the Sunrise Ridge Waterfront Resort, we know it is important to include your pet on a family vacation. Our Resort offers a limited number of suites that are designated as ‘Pet Friendly’. Guests who do not request a pet friendly suite upon booking cannot be guaranteed that one will be available upon arrival. Guests who bring pets into unauthorized units will face a charge of $500 to deep clean the accommodation following their stay.

Pet Amenities: Food/Water bowls will be included in-room on arrival.
Pet Guest Fee: $25/night, $100/week, or $300/month (plus applicable taxes), maximum 2 pets per room.
Pet Damages: If your pet damages the room, you will incur all fees associated with cleaning and repairing the room.


Pet Policies:

  • Maximum 2 pets per room.
  • We will not allow dogs on the property which have been deemed "Vicious" as stated in the City of Parksville Bylaw No.1524.
  • Pets are permitted in designated pet rooms only and are to be leashed while in the lobby area, grounds and any other common area of the resort.
  • Pets need to be cleaned of sand, mud or any other debris prior to entering your room. This also applies to wet dogs. If you do not have a dog towel, please ask the front desk and we can supply you with one to use during your stay.
  • Pets are not permitted on or in the pool, hot tub, fitness room or pool patio areas.
  • If you are planning on leaving your pet in your room alone, you are required to provide the front desk with your cell phone number in the event that your pet barks, whines, or howls while you are away. This will enable us to contact you to take care of the issue without causing a disturbance to the other guests in the Resort.
  • Pets left in a room alone need to be kenneled or crated. Housekeeping will not go into a room to service it if your pet is left loose in the room.
  • Noise must be kept to a minimum. Barking dogs tend to disturb other guests. Refunds to guests due to noise complaints will be the responsibility of the pet owner.
  • Pets must be house trained.
  • Fabric couches and chairs have been covered with sheets as we find pet hair does not come off them easily. If your pet is not going to be on the couch it is fine to remove the sheet but, in the event that you take it off and there is hair on the couch when you check out, additional cleaning fees will be applied to your bill.
  • Dogs are not allowed off leash on Parksville beaches at any time and most importantly, are not allowed on any Parksville beaches in March and April when the birds are here to feed and rest on their migration north.
  • Any excessive mess caused by your pet will result in addi­tional cleaning fees being applied to your bill after check out.
  • When taking your pet for a walk, you must clean up after your pet. We offer complimentary waste bags at the front desk.
  • Pet Travel Tips:

    • Ensure your pet is in good physical health before travelling
    • Make sure you bring a crate or kennel
    • Have your address and phone number on your pet’s collar
    • Research the area for local veterinarians
    • Do not leave your animals in the car when the weather is warm
    • Bring bowls along with food and water
    • Bring plastic bags so you can clean up after your pet
    • Bring a recent photo so you can accurately describe your pet if they get lost

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