Your Winter Escape is Closer Than You Think

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It’s not unusual for Canadians to plan mid-winter getaways to interrupt the long stretch of time between summers. In the past, places like Florida, Arizona, and Mexico have been extremely popular choices, but with the cost of travel, the time constraints most of us have to contend with, and the shifting political and economic climates all over North America, more and more people are opting to take advantage of everything our beautiful Canadian West Coast has to offer.

The stay-cation is becoming more and more popular, and it’s not difficult to see why! Though the island can’t promise bathing suit weather – although it’s not unheard of to see swimmers in our salty seas as early as April – the Oceanside area has seemingly-endless beaches that rival those of the Mexican Riviera, which perhaps is why Parksville is commonly referred to as the Canadian Riviera! Enjoy strolling along the shore with shoes in hand and toes in the sand, or sit on the patio of your luxury suite seaside sipping wine as the sun sets over the seemingly-infinite horizon.

Beyond the beaches, the Parksville area offers visitors a plethora of hiking trails, waterfalls, ancient forests, and other natural sights to see, as well as an array of local artisan galleries and studios, fantastic boutique shopping, year-round farmer’s markets, and restaurants, bistros, and eateries galore to fill hungry tummies with west-coast (and every other imaginable) fare. The Vancouver Sun recently dubbed the Parksville Qualicum area as the new culinary destination; the only question now is what to try first!

With so many mouthwatering food destinations to choose from in the area, eating out can get expensive – especially on vacation, so having the capability to eat in once in a while can really take some weight off of your wallet. With the fully-equipped suites at Sunrise Ridge, we create a home away from home, and that means a full gourmet kitchen. Guests at Sunrise are never dependent on restaurants, with the ability to cook anything and everything from light breakfast to full multi-course meals with ease and comfort.

How can this be mine, you ask? The better question is how long should I stay? How long do you want to enjoy your home away from home, nestled by the seaside, surrounded by the tranquil hush of gentle waves lapping and the light ambient noise of the island’s temperate rainforests atwitter with life. Throughout January and February, enjoy 30% off on stays two nights or longer. Want to spend more time exploring our luscious west-coast wonderland? Book two long, luxurious weeks in the quality care of True Key Hotels and Resorts. Spend one week at Sunrise Ridge Waterfront Resort and explore the mid-island area, and then head south to stay at one of True Key’s Sooke properties for a second week. Choose from Sooke Harbour Resort and Marina or Sooke Point Ocean Cottage Resort and spend yet another week seaside!

Island stay-cations have become overwhelmingly popular for mainland and island residents alike, and it’s not difficult to see why. When you already live in such a picturesque place, why leave? Every year, tens of thousands of tourists flock to our shores to enjoy the serenity and the amenities of Vancouver Island – most notably the Oceanside area with its sandy beaches and kilometers of waterfront – so if you’re planning a mid-winter escape, remember you don’t need to go far to find paradise.