Starting from Scratch – Breaking the Event Planning Mold

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Vancouver Island is famous for a plethora of reasons; cheekily referred to as the Canadian Riviera, thousands of people ferry over to the island each year for a multitude of reasons, one of the most popular being love.

For over a decade, Sunrise Ridge has helped couples in love tie the knot island-style, and we’ve loved very moment of it. But just like Parksville itself, Sunrise Ridge is multi-faceted. What started as a wedding destination has turned into an ocean-side oasis to celebrate all of life’s joyous events.

In keeping with the mantra of the west coast, at Sunrise we know that life is not for taking itself too seriously. The usual set-in-stone options don’t exist at our slice of the coast. There are no pre-designed options to choose from, forcing your event into a box that doesn’t quite fit right. At Sunrise instead of selecting between a handful of options with a corresponding menu and price per head, you tell us what you want, and we build your event from the ground up.

From ten to sixty-five attendees, the facilities at Sunrise Ridge can accommodate a range of events. From corporate retreats to private shindigs like baby showers, anniversary celebrations, birthday parties, and more, the savvy Events Coordinators at Sunrise Ridge will help you plan every single detail of your event, just the way you want it.

Need to host a party but don’t have time to plan it? No worries. Just provide us with the basics and we can arrange everything for you. All you have to do is send out invitations and show up!
If your group is looking for something more specialized than a party, we’re up for the challenge. Every year we host a wide range of specialized events, from week-long quilting extravaganzas with full meal service to corporate training and getaways to health and wellness seminars with multiple breakout spaces. Because of the intimate size of our resort and staff, we can take the time and care to design specialized events on an individual basis, instead of trying to fit your event into an already existing category.

Whether your event is one night or five, our resort provides accommodation for all event-goers, so that at the end of the night, your guests are guaranteed to make it to bed safely. For multi-day events, guests can take advantage of our full suites – each of our one, two, and three bedroom suites boast a gourmet kitchen, in-suite laundry, and luxury amenities that ensure that guests have all of the comforts of home (and maybe a few extra) at a fantastic rate.

The personalized, eclectic vibe that Sunrise Ridge offers intoxicates guests the first time. Month after month, year after year, our resort sees the same groups returning again and again for the intimate service and individualized planning. If you have an event in the works and are looking for a location to host, set aside some time to talk to one of our coordinators; you won’t regret it.