MooBerry Winery – The Wine Lineup

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What is cheese without wine? Little Qualicum Cheeseworks was featured in our last blog here, but the Cheeseworks isn’t all that guests to Morningstar Farms will find. MooBerry Winery has been making delightful fruit wines to pair perfectly with their counterparts’ cheese for years, and they’ve definitely mastered their craft.

Utilizing only the best of British Columbia’s fruits and berries, MooBerry’s vintner Phil Charblois has created an award-winning wine line-up. The MooBerry (w)ine-up is comprised of 100% fruit wines; the range of flavours was borne from the company’s desire to bottle fruits grown locally, which led to their eclectic selection.

Typically thought to be heavy and overly sweet, fruit wines seem like an unlikely pairing for the decadent, flavourful cheese of Little Qualicum Cheeseworks, however, most of MooBerry’s wines surprise and delight first-time sippers with a fresh, crisp taste. For those who like the sweetness of traditional fruit wines, MooBerry offers a range of dessert wines that are guaranteed to satiate those with a sweet tooth.

MooBerry Winery considers their Blackberry line the star of the show, utilizing the sweet little berry in a variety of different products. Blackberry table wine and dessert wine are widely available, and occasionally the winery makes sparkling wines, of which Sparkling Blackberry has become a cult classic.

With fruit and berries in abundance, one fruit is very obviously absent: the grape. Always the star of the wine world, the grape is not used in any of MooBerry’s wines. The absence of grapes allows the true flavor of the fruit to shine.

From apple to peach to raspberry and more, visitors to Mooberry often struggle to choose which flavor (or flavours) to take home. Luckily, the Farmgate Store at Morningstar Farms offers wine tastings to help wine lovers find their favourites.

Along with offering thirsty visitors samples of MooBerry wine, the Farmgate Store also samples Little Qualicum Cheeseworks’ entire selection of cheese. Farmgate staff are knowledgeable and passionate about the products, and can suggest tasty pairings, offer advice and opinions, and answer questions.

Whether trying an eclectic pairing like a crisp Apple Wine with the Cheeseworks’ Hot Jill or a more perfectly paired Cranberry Wine with a wedge of Island Brie, one thing is clear. MooBerry and the Cheeseworks belong together.

Reserve your stay with us and plan a visit to Morningstar Farms to discover their delectable cheeses and wines any time of the year!