A Year in Review

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Life moves so quickly that it’s nearly impossible not to get swept up in the flow of time; like an ocean it sweeps us into an unknown future, leaving the past a distant, forgotten memory. Swimming against the current is akin to fighting a losing battle, but sometimes it helps to look back to the shore, to where you came from, to better understand where you are headed.

The Oceanside area boasts a few famous points on the annual timeline – our sandcastle competition, our larger than life Canada Day festivities, and our penchant for seasonal markets but 2018 was filled with so much more than a plethora of artisan goods and over the top beach festivities – although no one will argue, these are the things that Oceanside does best!

Parksville began the year with a bang when it was named one of the top ten places to celebrate Family Day. The Vancouver Sun bestowed this honour on our little seaside town due to the plethora of unique family-centred activities available in the area. Why spend another year riding bumper cars when you can take the little ones down to Horne Lake Caves to explore an entire underground caving system?

Spring time in Parksville’s little corner of the west coast brings both of the aforementioned festivals and markets, but it also brings food! Finding somewhere to eat can really disturb the flow of a vacation, especially with little ones, so Oceanside decided to bring the food straight to its’ vacationers. On an island full of local people dedicated to utilizing local goods, some very innovative food truck choices were borne. The only down side is deciding which to try first.

Parksville beaches draw thousands of visitors each year, and it has always been a challenge trying to balance Oceanside’s festivities with its ecosystem. So why not combine them? In recent years, Parksville has been championing the diversity of its beaches and how to maintain the delicate balance of ecosystems through promoting beach combing. It’s exciting and educational, and some lucky beach combers have been known to find treasures nestled in the sand.

As summer winds down, Parkville’s beaches become quiet again, but more and more people are taking advantage of the area’s off-season activities. From the multitude of beautiful and challenging golf courses to the growing popularity of the snowy ski slopes of Mount Washington, more and more visitors are opting to avoid the summertime bustle and enjoy the abundance of activities that Oceanside has to offer in the off-season. Skip the crowds and the cost of summer vacation; Sunrise Ridge Resort offers reduced shoulder and off-season rates so our guests can enjoy premium rooms for economy prices.

Before long, 2019 will be nothing but a distant memory. All you can do is enjoy every moment and remember to glance back once in a while to see where you came from.