Environmental Initiatives

Doing our part in the global movement against climate change

At Sunrise Ridge Waterfront Resort, we are proud to be doing our part in the global movement against climate change. We’re working hard to reduce our emissions through energy conservation and through the below environmental initiatives.

How can you help? At Sunrise Ridge Waterfront Resort, each guest contributes a $1/night environmental fee which the Resort invests in projects to help remove, reduce, and eliminate the creation of greenhouse gases from the air we all share. These initiatives will include: bigger and better recycling programs, green lifestyle services like bike racks, alternative in-room energy solutions such as energy efficient lighting, and more!

Travel while conserving the environment so that you’re also helping to enhance the lives of the local communities in the places we love to visit. Help us make a low impact on our surrounding environments by choosing to conserve water and energy during your stay.

Here are some environmental initiatives the Resort has already implemented:

  • Environmentally sensitive cleaning products
  • Low-flow toilets, sinks and showers
  • Work place waste reduction (double-sided printing, recycled paper, etc.)
  • 2 EV Charging Stations
  • Unused shampoo/condition and lotions, linen, computers, furniture donated to social services programs
  • Sustainable landscaping
  • Recycling of bottles, papers and plastics
Environmental Initiatives