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Event Catering

Customized Food & Beverage Options 


As we do not have an onsite restaurant, Sunrise Ridge Waterfront Resort is pleased to work with a reputable caterer in Parksville to provide fresh and delicious menus for weddings, receptions, business meetings, and other special events.

You are not required to use our caterer, but we have listed the prices for Buffet-Style menu selections below for the caterer we use. If you wish to have a served meal, servers will be billed out at $25 per server, per hour for a minimum of 3 hours.

Catered Breakfast Options:

Reception Room 2Continental Breakfast Buffet – starting at $6.95 pp

Fresh Fruit Platter

Homemade Muffin Selection, Butter Croissants

Butter & Preserves

Fruit Juice Selection

Tea & Coffee

Hot Breakfast Buffet– starting at $13.95 pp

Fresh Fruit Platter

Scrambled Eggs, Sausages, Bacon, Hash Browns

Grilled Tomatoes & Mushrooms

Toast, Butter, & Preserves

Fruit Juice Selection

Tea & Coffee


Catered Lunch Options:

Soup & Sandwich Lunch – starting at $13.95 pp

Homemade Soup

Mixed Sandwich/Roll Selection

Choice of Veggie Platter w/Ranch Dip

OR Caesar Salad

OR Baby Greens with Raspberry Vinaigrette

Homemade Desserts

Fruit Juice Selection

Tea & Coffee

Hot Lunch Buffet – starting at $15.95 pp

Lasagne, Chili, OR Lemon Chicken Fricassee (Vegetarian options avail.)

Pilau Rice as appropriate

Garlic Toast

Salad, Caesar, or Mixed Baby Greens with Raspberry Vinaigrette

Homemade Desserts (Carrot Cake, Oatmeal Bars, Chocolate Brownies, Lemon Bars)

Fruit Juice Selection

Tea & Coffee


Catered Dinner Options:

Dinner Buffet

Menu #1start at $19.95 pp

Choose 1 Entrée or Roast

Roast Potato OR Pilaf Rice

Medley of Seasonal Veggies

Choose 2 Salads

Choose 1 Dessert

Roll & Butter

Tea & Coffee

Menu #2start at $24.95 pp

1 Roast & 1 Entrée

Roast Potato OR Pilaf Rice

Medley of Seasonal Veggies

Choose 3 Salads

Choose 2 Desserts

Roll & Butter

Tea & Coffee

Menu #3start at $29.95 pp

1 Roast & 2 Entrée’s

Potato & Rice OR Yorkshire

Medley of Seasonal Veggies

Choose 5 Salads

Choose 3 Desserts

Roll & Butter

Tea & Coffee


  • Beef
    • Carved Baron of Beef with Gravy & Horseradish
  • Chicken / Turkey
    • Baked Chicken Breast with Tarragon Cream White Wine Sauce
    • Chicken Breast Stuffed with Spinach & Feta in a Sun Dried Tomato Sauce
    • Baked Chicken Stuffed with Ham & Swiss Cheese with White Wine Cream Sauce
    • Roast Turkey with Chestnut Apricot Stuffing, Gravy & Cranberry Jelly
  • Fish
    • Poached Wild Salmon with a Maple Citrus Glaze
    • Poached Wild Salmon with a Tarragon Tomato Sauce
    • Prawn Provencal
    • Poached Cod with a Lemon Parsley Sauce
    • Pasta with Smoked Salmon, Marie Rose Sauce
    • Sole Paupiette Stuffed with Shrimp Mousse in White Wine Cream Sauce
  • Pork
    • Pork Loin Stuffed with Sage & Onion with a Caramelized Apple Jus
    • Penne with Italian Sausage in a Red Wine Tomato Sauce
    • Cider Spiced Baked Ham


  • Baby Greens with Raspberry Vinaigrette
  • Broccoli Bacon & Walnut Salad
  • Caesar Salad
  • Greek Pasta Salad
  • Mexican Rice Salad
  • Moroccan Chickpea Salad
  • Red Onion, Fennel & Tomato Salad
  • Red Potato Dijonaise
  • Spinach & Blueberry Salad with Lemon Poppy Seed Dressing
  • Spinach & Mushroom Salad
  • Traditional Potato Salad
  • Tuscan Bean Salad
  • Vegetable Pasta Salad


  • Apple Pie & Cream
  • Black Forest Gateau
  • Chocolate & Caramel Profiteroles
  • Chocolate Amaretto Mousse
  • Chocolate Fudge Cake
  • Fresh Fruit Salad
  • Fresh Fruit Sherry Trifle
  • Lemon Almond Tart
  • Lemon Meringue Pie
  • Lemon Slice
  • Pecan Pie
  • Raspberry Hazelnut Meringue
  • Strawberry Shortcake
  • Tiramisu
  • Various Cheesecakes
  • Wild Berry Pavlovas


Catered Appetizers:

Canapés – starting at $1.50 per person/item

Cold Canapés:

Asian Beef Wonton Cups

Smoked Salmon Cream Cheese Roulade

Chilli Tiger Prawns Wrapped in Smoked Ham

Filo Cups with Mango Salsa

Ham & Arugula with Pea

Hoisin Beef & Scallions

Smoked Salmon on Horseradish Pancakes

Fresh Ricotta with Lemon & Mint on Crostini

Zucchini Roll with Cream Cheese & Pimento

Oregano Egg Salad on Pumpernickel Toasts

Mini Cucumbers Stuffed with Crab Mousse

Tomato Bocconcini

Mini Quiche – various fillings*

Vols-au-Vents – various fillings

Endive Boats with Smoked Salmon Mousse

Cherry Tomatoes with Walnut Pesto Stuffing

Roasted Potato Slices with Romesco Sauce

Fig & Walnut Anchoiade on Crostini Toast

Devilled Egg

Chicken & Cranberry Filo Cups

Filo Cups with Cumin Potatoes

Lemon Chilli Prawns

Prosciutto Wrapped Melon Balls

Hot Canapés:

Bacon Wrapped Scallops

Brie Crostini with Fruit Salsa

Three Cheese Filo Triangles

Mediterranean Style Meatballs

Sausages Glazed with Honey & Dijon Mustard

Mushroom & Sundried Tomato Pockets

Prawn Satay with Lemon Chilli Sauce

Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce

Stuffed Mushroom Caps

Beef Pepper Dim Sum

Twice Baked Potatoes with Bacon/Sour Cream

Savoury Nut Balls with Zesty Tomato Sauce

Creamy Curry Chicken in Wonton Wrappers

Crab Cakes*

Chicken Wings

Spicy Buffalo Wings

Corn Fritters

Tomato & Basil Bruschetta

Yorkshire Pudding w/Roast Beef & Horseradish

Crab & Cream Cheese Filo Purses*

*Additional $1.00 charged for these items

Dips – All Dips are $40.00 each for Standard Size

  • Hot Artichoke Dip, in a Sour Dough Bowl
  • Homemade Hummus with Pita Chips
  • Homemade Guacamole with Tortilla Chips
  • Salsa with Tortilla Chips
  • Spinach & Artichoke Dip
  • Curried Roasted Potato Wedges with Sour cream Chive Dip
  • Surprise Dip with Pita Chips
  • Goat’s Cheese Pesto & Sundried Tomato Terrine with Pita Chips
  • Prawn Fountain with Spicy Cocktail Sauce

Platters – starting at $35 per platter  

Meat Platter                                      $40.00                                                      

Cheese Platter                                  $40.00                                                 

Veggie Platter                                   $35.00                                                  

Fruit Platter                                        $40.00                                                      

Mixed Dessert Platter                    $40.00                                                         


All of the above prices are subject to the relevant tax at the time of the event.

All catered meals are subject to a $5 per person service charge.